Plywood is engineered wood made by binding wood fibre sheets with resin. This composition and thickness can be varied as per application and usage. The materials used in making plywood can be made to withstand varying conditions of pressure, temperature, moisture, and other climatic or non–climatic factors. Based on the usage and application requirements, we have a variety of plywood available with us. Some of these are displayed online. For a complete range of plywood, including features, pricing and availability, please visit our store, the address is mentioned on our contact page.


Let’s take a quick look at an array of amazing benefits which you will surely enjoy as you use plywood.

∞ Durable and long lasting.

∞ Eco-friendly materials.

∞ Easy to mould and shape.

∞ Waterproof and corrosion resistant.

How we choose to work on plywood to make them seamlessly blend with the decor

Plywood is great when you perceive proper use of minimalist designs for it. While working on plywood installation, we make it sure that it gets an effortless blend with the decor and colour combination of the room. We keep the wall texture in mind as well so that things do not look out of keeping.